Jun 23, 2012
Kids love candy. Girls love jewels. These are simple facts of life. How about you combine the two this Christmas with the Candy Jewel Factory Oven! This site is the place to be for the best information on this clever play set and the candy you can make with it, along with the best prices for your budget!

The Candy Jewel Factory Oven includes everything you need to get making your very own candy jewels (apart from a 40w bulb, which can be found in any household goods stockist), which can then be threaded onto the licorice strips and worn while they are eaten and enjoyed!

The Candy Jewel Factory toy range also includes Candy jewel factory refill packs so you can use the play set again and again to make delicious candy treats you can wear! It's easy and fun to get started, and once you get the hang of it you'll be making all kinds of treats.

You and your children can make sweet treats together, which you can then share yourselves or give to friends and family. The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is a great idea for a young girl's birthday or Christmas gift this year, and here we tell you all about it.

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